Gaming Away

The Internet has made everything available at the tip of our fingers. Anything you want- hotel bookings, information about that new restaurant, connecting with friends- is just a few typed (or spoken) words away. Well, this is definitely good news for a lot of people, in particular, video game enthusiasts.

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For some people, video games are more than just a recreational hobby. It is their escape from reality or a way to deal with things. And now, you can play video games anywhere—on consoles, mobiles, TV’s etc. 2017 was definitely the year in which being called a “video game nerd” became cool.

But how cool is exactly to be obsessed with playing video games? Excess of anything is bad and that, my friend, includes your “recreational” hobbies too. While it may be fun to be seated in front of a screen breaking all the records, spending an unhealthy amount of time playing video games is bound to have some negative impacts. What exactly is this unhealthy amount? Well, if you are spending more than two to three hours of screen time playing video games continuously, it is unhealthy. What are some of the repercussions?

  1. Sleep Deprivation

Playing video games is mentally stimulating activity. Engaging in any such activity 1-2 hours before bedtime disrupts the sleep pattern. People addicted to video games lose up to 12 minutes of EM stage of sleep. It is better to keep your paws off the game after 7 PM. Sleep deprivation never gave anyone any benefits.

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  1. Poor performance

People addicted to video games may stay up till late night and get only a few hours of sleep. The lack of sleep leads to inattentiveness, lack of clarity of thought, etc which in turn affects performance at school or work. In fact, addiction may even cause them to choose video games over an important assignment or exam. And that is one bad decision!

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  1. Eye strain

Late nights and long hours in front of the screen never did anyone any favours. It might lead to eye strain and headaches which is not good for your well being. Continuous eye strain may even lead to weak eyesight or other eye problems.

  1. Poor socialization skills

You know it’s a problem when your friend/child/relative refuses to go out with friends and prefers to stay home and play video games any chance they get. The lack of interaction with peers and being out of touch with the outside world creates a phantom wall between the person and reality. Their social skills suffer and hence, so does their mental being.

Gaming 4

  1. Desensitized to violence

It is fact that video games that involve killing and guns desensitize the person to violence, particularly of the time spent playing exceeds two hours. They may develop a detached view of the world and make them more aggressive, albeit unintentionally.

How do you manage to enjoy video games while also making sure you are safe from these effects? The answer is simple. Limit your time. Playing video games isn’t the wrong thing to do, that is excess of it.

The moment you are unwilling to do anything except the game, you are addicted. And like any other addiction, it is bad and should be overcome. But as long as you are staying within limits, game on!

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