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This is 2018 and there is one thing which has finally managed to unite us—our dependency on mobile phones! It’s true, isn’t it? Suddenly mobiles have become one thing we can’t do without. It’s even become hard to imagine how we ever survived before they came along.

We use mobiles in our daily lives and they have become an important part of all activities…even going to the bathroom (insert link). And there is no denying their importance either. You can connect with people a million miles away, be on top of every happening in the world, order food, book tickets! They are indispensable and our absolutes favourites.

But did you know your favourite thing in the world may be doing more harm than good? That’s true. We’re all aware that mobile phones emit radiation. But did you know that radiation is in the range of 450-3800 MHz, which is the same range as a microwave? Or that mobile phone radiation is termed as a possible carcinogenic?

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Certain studies have shown that cell phones emit radiofrequency energy which damages the DNA in the cells causing them to mutate and cause cancer. If you use your phones at a very high rate, the risk is higher for you. Brain cancer is one of the most commonly related cancers to mobile phone radiation.

Scared yet? Are you looking at your phone in disgust? Well, don’t worry because we have a set of rules for you to reduce exposure to cell phone radiation. Just read on and make sure to incorporate them into your daily life and stay safe.

  1. Use a Bluetooth speaker

In order to reduce radiation exposure, try to use your speakerphone or your Bluetooth speaker whenever possible. The radiation increases when you are on a call, so the safest bet is to keep the phone away and the Bluetooth close.

  1. Switch it off at night

I know it’s hard. What if we miss an important call? What if I need to use the alarm? Well, the thing is, when we sleep at night, we are more likely to keep our phones under the pillow or near our heads, which is the area most susceptible to radiation.

So, do yourself a favour and buy an old-fashioned alarm clock and shut off that phone at night. And hey! You get better sleep as a bonus.
Radiation 2

  1. Avoid using it if the bar isn’t full

You would think that the radiation would be weak in a poor signal area. Well, you couldn’t be more wrong. In an area with poor signal, your phone is continuously trying harder to connect to the nearest antenna– which means more radiation and more potential danger.


  1. Text whenever possible

Finally, good news for introverts! Texting whenever possible over calling is better for your health. Because when you text, your phone is at a considerable distance (hopefully) as compared to an actual phone call and also leads to less radiation.
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  1. EMF protection

EMF protection cases shield you against the high-frequency radiations emitted by phones. There are many companies now that are making these shields and you can get many at affordable prices.

Isn’t it true how too much of anything cannot be good? Even mobile phones which are, literally, a boon for our existence. But panicking never got us anywhere. So before you decide mobile phones are bad, educate yourself on the matter and learn how to reduce exposure to its harmful effects.

Remember taking an easy step of precaution is always better than suffering.

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