Say teeth!!!

Don’t you feel teeth are the most under-appreciated part of your body?

Teeth have a bigger impact on your physical appearance than you realize. A good set of healthy teeth make you appear more put together and as someone who takes more pride in their appearance. Alternatively, someone with stained, yellow teeth seems off-putting and careless.

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But dental hygiene is about more than just appearing more attractive. You need to have healthy gums and teeth to be able to eat whatever you want. No one likes wincing in pain whenever you eat those crunchy chips or eat that chocolate, right? Moreover, fixing those cavities is bound to burn a hole in your pocket. Wouldn’t you like to skip that part?

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I’m sure you brush twice a day and regularly floss your teeth but that is not enough. A major part of having healthy teeth comes down to nutrition. You are what you eat is even truer when it comes down to dental hygiene.  And yes, that means more than milk and calcium. So to help your dental hygiene, here is a list of what you should be eating to keep those pearly whites…well, white.

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  • Tea- Black tea is one of the most beneficial drinks out there. Besides being wonderful for gut health, it is proven to boost dental hygiene. Compounds found in black tea reduce the production of bacteria in the mouth. The results? Less plaque, fewer cavities, and fresher breath!

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  • Cheese- If you needed another reason to justify your love for cheese, I’m going to give you one. Cheddar cheese, besides being rich in calcium, cheese lowers the acid level in the mouth (goodbye plaque!). Besides, chewing cheese increases saliva production which washes off the bacteria in the mouth. So go ahead, prevent tooth decay, and eat that cheese.

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  • Apple- An apple a day keeps the doctor away. While that statement may not be completely true, it certainly keeps the dentist away! Apple stimulates your gums and increases the production of saliva. Not only does it prevent germ buildup but also prevents cavities. Plus the vitamins and nutrients found in apples strengthen your teeth to prevent them from falling out early.
  • Gums- Gums, specifically sugar-free gum, is like a gift for your teeth. Sugar-free gum,(Sugar-free being the key word), stimulates the production of saliva in the mouth which helps prevent germ buildup and prevents tooth decay. Moreover, chewing gum strengthens the jaw, so bonus!! So pop one after your dinner, your teeth will thank you.
  • Water- The elixir of life. You must have heard about water as the remedy for everything and that is because it works. Water helps wash away the food stuck between your teeth and keeps the production of saliva going. Saliva has essential proteins and minerals that protect your teeth. Turns out, staying hydrated is more beneficial than you would have thought.

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  • Kiwis- This delicious fruit is rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C enhances the collagen production in your body which is helpful for your gums. It prevents gum infections and strengthens your gums which in turn helps fight off gum diseases.
  • Milk- Milk is the calcium powerhouse. Besides maintaining strong teeth, it neutralizes acid in the mouth and reduces production of plaque. Fresh breath AND no cavities? Milk just turned so much more appetizing!

All the things included in this list are easy to include in your daily diet so no more excuses about how hard it is to find them. Also, even if you eat the healthiest of diets, it is necessary to brush and floss your teeth regularly.  Remember, simple habits go a long way in maintaining your dental health.

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