The no-excuse exercise formula

Exercise 1

So maybe you had a bit too much at Christmas or maybe with the New Year around the corner, you are finally dusting off your old resolutions to make them again! “I’ll exercise regularly” you solemnly promise yourself but let’s face it, it’s going to be tough. Work, house, and other priorities often steal the spotlight and your resolution just has to move to the back so you can get that assignment done before the deadline!

It’s nothing to beat yourself up about, we’ve all been there.  After the adrenaline rush wears off, going to the gym might start seeming a bit daunting and a tad bit cumbersome. “I don’t have time for this”, “The equipment’s broken”, “Someone is always using the equipment I want” are just some of the many, many excuses you start to give yourself to allow you to slack.

No one wants to be unhealthy but getting past that initial slump to the time you actually look forward to working out is hard. Not many people make it past. BUT those who do are constantly our envy and inspiration.

So this time, we’re going to help you actually stick with the resolution and make it past that dreaded slump. That’s right! We’re invested and we’re sure you can do it. How? It’s easy. We’ve come up with a list of bodyweight exercises that you can do ANYWHERE! They’re effective, they don’t require any equipment and the best part, they work!! So put on your workout pants and get ready to get rid of those excuses.

  1. Squats

Squats are the most popular exercise for many reasons. They are very effective and they are very dynamic. Not to mention they are THE best exercise to tone the lower body! To get the most out of squats though, make sure to keep your back straight and your knees behind the toes. Maintain proper form, rest is a piece of cake.

  1. Push-ups

Upper body strength is the weak point of many, many people and push-ups are the sure shot way to overcome that.  The first few times will not be easy, but rest assured, you would get better. If full push ups seem a bit too daunting, start from your knees and work your way up.

Exercise 2

  1. Plank

Planks are the best full body exercises out there and I’m pretty sure you know it. They seem so easy but within 30 seconds, they have your body quivering (in a good way!).   Make sure to suck your belly in and maintain a straight line from head to toe to get the full benefit.

  1. Backbows

When it comes to the core, many people make the mistake of focusing on the “abs” and ignoring the back. This just makes them more susceptible to injury and they won’t get the desired results. So start focusing on the back with the back bows. Your abs will thank you.

Exercise 3

  1. Burpees

Ah! We are all in a love-hate relationship with burpees. They hurt (so bad!) but they get the job done. Not only are they a good cardio exercise, they engage the entire body in a matter of time. Once the momentum gets built up, even burpees seem relatively doable (I said relatively!)

Exercise 4

  1. Lunges

Believe it or not, besides being go-to for the lower body, lunges are a great way to work the core. Feeling adventurous, you might even do jumping lunges! As with squats, make sure to pull the core in, keep the back straight and ensure that the knee is behind the toes. It’s all about the form with this one.

  1. Arm circles

Another great way to work the arms at home is doing arm circles. Forwards, backward, small, big, whatever way you like. Don’t trust us? Try doing these for 5 minutes straight. You’re welcome.

Exrcise 5

  1. Russian twists

Russian twists get the front part of the core while also working your balance and your oblique. They are an all-around core exercise. The difficulty level, of course, can be modified depending on how far you lean back while doing these. (For great results, leaning back to a 45-degree angle is the best way).

  1. Jumping jacks

Remember when we were kids and all we wanted to do was jump around? Well, you can make those dreams come true with jumping jacks. They’re great for getting that cardio in but they are so fun, it won’t feel like you are exercising!

  1. Walking

You knew this was on the list! Sometimes we don’t feel like doing squats and planks. We just want to chill and listen to some music. Well, that’s great even more so when you combine listening to music with walking! Even a 30-minute walk, broken down into 3 ten minute parts can go a long way and keep you healthy and happy.

So there you have it! Everything (or actually nothing) you need to get your new started on the right note. Do these whenever you get the time—squat while brushing your teeth, do arm circles while sitting in bed, walk when you talk, push-ups when you are feeling too cold, etc. You can’t make any more excuses. You can easily modify all the excises according to your fitness level.

Remember, getting started is the hardest part. After that, it’s all a piece of cake.

Exercise 6


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