Konsult App is mobile based platform which allows patients and their doctors to connect with each other. Patients can receive consultations on call and also chat with their doctors. The patients are also able to share their medical records with the doctors and similarly the doctors can share their opinion with the users. We provide patients a complete health solution and let them choose from hundreds of highly trustworthy doctors on our panel, as well as give them the ability to manage their medical documentation. The platform is especially useful for out-station patients and patients visiting from abroad. We provide end to end services to both domestic and international patients from the pre-treatment stage to the post-consultation follow up care.

What We Do

We are working towards bridging the access to affordable healthcare divide in both rural and urban India. We create, innovate, sustain, disrupt and just love to experiment. We tread where no one treads and we do what no one does.

Konsult for Doctors

Doctors live a life which is unlike any other profession. Their patients implicitly depend on them and to completely disconnect is not an option. Konsult enables doctors to stay connected to their patients through its mobile platform. Doctors can set their own consultation charges per minute and the patient pays automatically after the call based on its duration. It is also possible for doctors to request medical documentation from patients and then give their advice. They are also provided with an availability status handle which gives them control over when they want to take calls and when they don’t. Not only can they stay connected to their local and out-station patients but also patients who travel from abroad for treatment.

Konsult for Everyone

Ever faced a situation where you need to get in touch with your doctor and simple cannot. Just the thought of travel and logistics makes you sick. What if you traveled from a different city for treatment or what if it was a different country all-together? Konsult lets you choose from hundreds of highly qualified and trustworthy specialist doctors. You can simply find your trusted physician and connect instantly. You connect, on the fly, over the network and can also chat and share your medical reports and prescriptions for the doctor’s opinion.

What We Believe In

We believe in creating a healthcare ecosystem which envisions care for all - whenever they need it or whenever they want it. We believe in building a product which solves a real problem and building a company which is ambitious, sustainable, and fun.

Our belief

We believe that right to quality healthcare is one of the most basic of human rights. However, problems of access and affordability often impede the adequate exercise of this right. We at Konsult, are trying to do our bit, one step at a time, to make access to health easy, affordable and smart. This doesn’t happen overnight, but, when a group of motivated individuals pool their energies together towards this goal – you start seeing results. We want to build a sustainable enterprise which welcomes innovation and believes in breaking things to make them better.