The best way to predict the future is to create it - Abraham Lincoln

Konsult's Culture

The atmosphere at Konsult is very positive. Being in the health care industry Konsult believe in strength, warmth and liveliness. You will never find a dull movement here. The power of Konsult lies in its young emplooyees, full of freshness, vigour and spirit.

Working Together

Konsult rests on the shoulders of a lawyer from Berklay, a techie from IIT, a marketeer from IIM and an operations head known for building many start-ups. They all have teams working under them. The teams believe in "Smart Work". In a year's time Konsult has evolved from a 5 members team to 25.

Knowledge Building

Knowledge increases when shared. We at Konsult believe in learning from each other. No single person handles a single vertical and that's the perk of working in s startup. Our sphere of knowledge extends to 'learning as fun'.

Work is much fun!

Current Opening

Konsult is looking for active learners. Please find below all our current openings: Drop us a line at : or fill below details

Resume: (Only .pdf and .doc file)