Advise over phone 'on the fly'

Konsult is a calling solution which opens the door for doctors to reach and help more patients who are in need of medical care.

Get your profile on konsult for free

Yours profile will showcase your expertise, years of experience and qualifications. You can also add in any remarkable feat, achievements and awards in medical field.

Strict privacy rules

1: Protect your privacy where personal number is not divulged

2: Secure chat feature for easy sharing of clinical records

Boost your online presence

1: Showcase your knowledge in the 'Expert Opinion' section.

2: Get promotions on social media through various campaigns

Better managemment of time

1: Effectively utilize your free time

2: Set availability on your own and change the mode to offline when busy

Earn extra perks through your practice

1: Consultation charges are transferred instantly

2: Set call charges on your own based per minute

The Konsult App

If you are a doctor, then konsult is the best way to develop and grow your practice. The app is available on both playstore and app store.

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