Aamir’s Drastic Body Transformations for Dangal

Aamir Khan (2)

Aamir Khan’s most talked about flick is due its release on the 23 of December. The movie has been in news for several reasons.

1) It brings wrestling as a sport on the forefront in a country that is obsessed with cricket.

2) It breaks several taboos in relation to women. Women as wrestlers were literally frowned upon before Geeta Phogat and Babita Kumari brought gold for the country.

3) The terrific body transformation that Aamir Khan went through to get into the skin of his character Mahavir Singh Phogat. The 51-year-old star went from belly-fat heavy to a ripped six pack in just five months. First khan gained weight and then lost the fat again to portray the different stages of the life of Phogat, a former wrestler from Haryana on whose life the movie Dangal is based.

Talking about his impressive transformation, the actor has been quoted saying: “This was one of the most dramatic body transformations so far. The film has two phases. For one part, I had to put on weight. So, I weighed 96 kgs with 38% body fat. I had to reduce to 9% body fat within five months. That was a huge task.”

Aamir Khan’s transformation from ‘Fat to Fit’ is an inspiration for many to hit the gym. But gaining weight was the easier part. He was literally on a roll where he had everything which he is not supposed to have otherwise. He gave in to all sorts of temptations, ranging from samosas, vada pavs, chocolates, cakes and brownies. But to lose the pounds he had to follow a very difficult regime where the only things he had were fruit, upma, and protein shakes after the intense workouts at gym.

Health experts say that such drastic weight gain and weight loss are extremely harmful. Even Aamir was aware of the health hazards of gaining and losing weight drastically in a short span of time. However he is a man of ‘perfection’, he would go to any lengths to make his character look convincing on screen.  “I would like to mention that putting on weight and losing it so fast is very unhealthy. I did it for my film under the supervision of experts, but it is very unhealthy for any regular person. Doctors even suggested me not to try such drastic weight and body transformation. But I get excited to do it if I find the story good,” he said. Amir despite knowing the risks went ahead with the transformation when he had the option of wearing a body suit. However a body suit will only mimic a fat person not have the verisimilitude. He said: “When you put on weight, it affects your breathing and body language. That naturally reflects on your performance. You cannot get that from a bodysuit.” Putting on weight might have been easier for Aamir but he never felt comfortable. He always felt that excessive weight was slowing him down during the wrestling training sessions.

Aamir went from fit to fat to a Greek God like torso with a solid six pack and massive biceps. But the journey was laden with difficulty. The results were so impeccable that people found it hard to believe that such a daunting task is actually practically achievable.  And however controversial the topic might seem one can’t help but just be in awe of ‘Mr Perfectionist’. His success story with major transformations and the way he describes it not only makes it credible for us but also serves as an inspiration to many.   Aamir said, “When I started, I thought I won’t be able to do it – with 97 kilos and 38% body fat”. There were times when he thought it was a mistake and gave up on his body, but he mustered up the courage to get rid of those negative thoughts and take it one day at a time, one step at a time.

Lets us know your views about it in the comments section. What do you think about it? One should not attempt such dangerous overtraining over one should be open to challenges? We’d love to hear your take on it.

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