Back To School With A Hop


Holidays are here, and along with the other goodies it brings a spring in the step of school kids. Though the age is such that school goers should always be a happy, vibrant bunch with a spring in their step, but unfortunately they are physically incapable of doing so round the year because of the heavy load they carry on their back. Yes, the bulky school bag is making its impact felt both physiologically as well as psychologically.

Back and neck ache problems seem to be on the rise amongst the youngsters today. Doctors say that the main cause for this is the heavy school bag. Present generation of school children end up carrying much more that what the earlier generation carried and hence their chances of landing up with back and neck related problems are more.

As remedial measures, doctors opine that there should be regulations about how much a child should be allowed to carry. The only option is if the schools get very strict about not letting kids carry excess baggage.

In the last few years there has been a considerable increase in the number of cases of children suffering from orthopaedic problems caused by heavy school bags. Many children especially in the age group of 11 to 15 years are suffering from backache, neck pain and other related orthopaedic problems due to heavy bags. From a very young age the children should be moulded to get into the practice of carrying light bags to school. But the grueling academic curriculum demands that kids carry heavy bags loaded with text books and notebooks. So under such circumstances doctors advise parents to buy bags with padded straps for school going children, as this prevents orthopaedic problems to a certain extent.

Physical problems often have an implication on the mind and that’s exactly what happens with the little children who end up carrying a heavy bag to school. The compulsion to carry heavy weight make the children irritated. If they feel exhausted while going to school obviously they are bound to develop negative feelings, towards the school, teachers and the education system. It also results in lack of concentration, which is detrimental to the whole process of acquiring knowledge.

Physiological problems of carrying a heavy school bag:

  • Hunch back
  • Backache
  • Neck-ache
  • Spine related problems
  • Muscle spasms

Psychological problems of carrying a heavy school bag:

  • Lack of concentration
  • Mental fatigue
  • Negativity towards life
  • Irritable

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