The Christmas Spread Won’t Hurt Your Waistline!


A nip in the air, the mellowed golden yellow sun’s rays and the smell of vanilla-chocolate wafting all around are harbingers of Santa! It sure is an indicator to the fact that Christmas is round the corner and when cookies, cakes and puddings are the order of the day, can gluttony be far behind? And as an obvious after effect, weight gain follows suit.

But there’s no need to fret as we bring to you some healthy options this Holiday season, so you can gloat in gluttony while not letting it affect your waistline. Dieticians are of the opinion that while it is common place to witness the weighing scale disappointing you this time of the year, there are ways to ensure that you do not gain weight while still enjoying the Christmas goodies.

It is difficult to resist the temptation of the Christmas spread, but a diet hack could be to include a lot of baked vegetables and potatoes as substitute to roasts. While relishing the turkey or the chicken will add to your protein intake, bear in mind that portion control is essential. Depriving yourself from relishing the delicious food is not advisable, but portion control is the key here as it goes a long way in reducing the calorie intake.

Using healthy substitutes is the mantra to adopt to keep the calories at bay. Dieticians suggest kitchen hacks such as substituting cream with Greek Yoghurt or sugar with dates blended with water also goes a long way in planning a healthy Christmas dinner.

Not having the fancy sugary cocktails, the creamy Baileys and the hot chocolate with whipped cream would be blasphemous, so the other works around could be to have one of those tempting drink and later follow it up with vodka or soda. Drinking a glass of water after every drink also aids digestion.

A good idea to compensate for the high calorie diet would be to plan ahead so that you can control your calories a few days prior, and that extra add on calorie on the day of Christmas does not affect your waistline.

Quick tips:

  • Do not compromise on your exercise regimen
  • A brisk walk after the calorie-laden Christmas dinner
  • Not deprivation, but portion control of sumptuous dinner
  • Compensating on your diet before or after the Christmas dinner
  • Using healthy substitutes as part of the Christmas dinner
  • Including a lot of baked vegetables and potatoes as part of your Christmas dinner

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