Don’t let Depression, Stress ruin your Life


That sleeplessness, nausea, feeling of void all around might actually be the playing of your brain that is overworked, over-stressed and frustrated. It is being deprived of the cushioning effect it needs in form of relaxation. ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’! And that is exactly what is happening with the young working professionals in India, the overworked brains deprived of required hours of sleep and relaxation tend to get depressed. So doctors urge these young minds to not let stress and depression ruin their life, and miss the chance of paving a bright future for themselves.

While earlier for symptoms like sleeplessness and lack of appetite, one would never consider visiting a psychiatrist, now it is acceptable to see a psychiatrist with complaints like this. Doctors are of the opinion that in urban areas, amongst the literate populace there is definitely a better level of acceptance for psychiatric consultation and they do see people making an informed choice to visit a psychiatrist for anxiety and depression related problems.In the past couple of years there is an increase in cases of reactive depression. This is mostly seen due to frustration of various kinds, be it in the personal or professional life. It manifests itself in the form of sleeplessness, headache, body ache and fatigue. While most of the cases still come to the psychiatrist only when referred by general physicians, there is an increasing trend of people directly contacting the psychiatrist because they themselves identify and accept the fact that they require psychiatric help.
Even a World Health Organisation (WHO) study reveals that 36 per cent of Indians suffer from Major Depressive Episode (MDE), which is also indicative of the fact that a visit to the psychiatrist is becoming common now. Though psychiatrists feel that the statistics could be overrated, they do not deny the fact that there is an increase in cases of depression and anxiety disorder that they are seeing in now. It is a shocking to see that despite material gains, there is no contentment that is coming in. Instead the rat race has made it so difficult now that there is a perceived sense of failure amongst achievers, despite their achievements.It is notsurprising to young working professionals in urban Indian cities aspiring to buy their second home by the age of 30. Psychiatrists opine that while it is good to be aspiring, but these unrealistic aspirations act as catalysts to depression. Since one sets unrealistic targets, the inability to achieve it creates a sense of dissatisfaction and that leads to depression.

Things to do to keep the stress at bay:

  • 30 minutes of any physical activity daily-yoga, exercise, walking, running, jogging
  • 10 minutes of breathing exercises daily, preferably first thing in the morn
  • Drinking lots of water throughout the day
  • Close your day with 10-minutes meditation
  • Indulge in a hobby
  • Have frequent heart to heart chats with people you love

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