Do’s And Don’ts In Pregnancy


Double lines or the formation of the positive sign on the pregnancy test stick, indicates your life is about to change for good. From the time you see that you want to ensure the best for the baby, whom you will see, hold and cuddle only after nine long months.

Life growing within a life is the most amazing experience one can ever have, but that is also the phase when one has to be most cautious. Those special nine months or 40 weeks are the gestation period, when the human body develops within the womb of a mother. It draws its nourishment through the umbilical cord that connects the mother’s body to the baby’s, it grows from one tiny cell to a complex human body within the mother’s body so everything the mother eats, drinks and does has a telling on the baby growing within her.

To ensure the best for the life growing within you, there are certain best practices of pregnancy that must be followed. While eating healthy, leading a healthy lifestyle are very important for everyone, it is especially crucial for pregnant women. They have to take utmost care of their diet and lifestyle because that has a direct impact on the baby growing inside them.

Every mother wants the best for their child and they try to do everything possible during pregnancy to ensure a safe delivery and healthy baby. But at times information overload, causes confusion and it becomes difficult to distinguish between myths and facts.

So here are some standard do’s and don’ts and the obstetricians always suggest:

Do’s during pregnancy

  1. Eating a healthy, balanced diet including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats to ensure enough intake of nutrients including calcium, protein and iron.
  2. Drinking lots of water, more than one would have normally.
  3. Walks, exercises in moderation. About 30 minutes per day, five days a week.
  4. Go for doctor screenings regularly, as required.
  5. Take folic acid throughout pregnancy.
  6. Ensuring at least seven to nine hours of sleep daily.
  7. Take very good care of yourself, because now is the time when you avoid taking any kind of medicines. So ensure that you don’t get into a situation where you need medicine for anything.
  8. Maintain hygiene during cooking and eat fresh food in order to avoid food borne illnesses.

Don’ts during pregnancy

  1. Do not overeat. While you are eating for two, remember the baby only needs 100 calories more during the first trimester and 300 calories more during the last trimester. It is essential to maintain a healthy body weight so that there is no complication during delivery or there are no obesity related complications during pregnancy. Check with your doctor on the ideal amount of weight gain required.
  2. If you smoke, kick the butt. Even passive smoking can be harmful for the fetus, so ensure that no one is smoking around you.
  3. Alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited because it might affect the baby’s development.
  4. Keep stress at bay, because that might lead to problems like hypertension or other complications which might not be good for the fetus.
  5. Avoid exposure to toxic substances like some pesticides, cleaning solvents, lead and mercury.
  6. Keep check on sea food consumption, because some of them can be high in mercury content. So check with the doctor on this.
  7. Avoid having a cat as pet because cat litter can lead to an infection which is dangerous for the fetus.
  8. Keep away from x-rays during this time.
  9. Avoid hot baths or saunas because high temperature is not good for the fetus.
  10. Contact with rodents and its droppings or urine can be dangerous during this phase.

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