Roadmap To A Healthy Happy You This New Year


‘It’s a New Year. New Beginnings’, so New Year Resolutions are being planned all around. While there’s a saying that ‘Resolutions are made to break’, this New Year try to break this norm and follow your New Year resolution so that you can live a healthy, stress free life. Health is key to your well-being, so it’s extremely important to inculcate healthy habits this New Year. As the countdown to the New Year begins, it’s time to plan out a healthy chart of resolutions that will keep the sickness at bay.

There is no alternative to brisk walking. That’s one healthy habit that not only helps you physiologically, but psychologically as well. It aids digestion, helps tackle obesity and also acts as a stress buster. If you are comfortable with your regimen of brisk walking, you can gradually take it to the next level of jogging and running. These physical exercises go a long way in ensuring a healthy and fit life.

After exercise comes diet, which is crucial to maintaining a healthy you. Being aware of the calories and nutritional value of your diet is essential, so that you can be conscious of what you are eating. This ensures that you maintain a healthy and wholesome diet. But only diet and exercises will not help, as long as you don’t sum it up with other healthy habits like kicking the butt and also drinking a minimum of three to four liters of water daily.

In today’s life with a high stress job and long work hours, indulging in a hobby assumes importance as it helps it stress busting. Releasing the stress and tension from your system is essential to maintain a healthy self, and it also helps in getting adequate hours of peaceful sleep daily.

While all these steps are aimed at maintaining a healthy self, a healthy environment is crucial for the upkeep of a healthy self. You need to adopt ecologically friendly habits like carpooling whenever and wherever possible, to ensure a clean, green atmosphere for breathing and living.

Quick steps for a healthy you this New Year:

  1. Walk, walk and walk
  2. Watch what you eat
  3. Kick sleep deprivation
  4. Reduce screen time
  5. Increase water intake
  6. If you are a smoker, try to kick the butt
  7. Include fruits in your daily diet
  8. Follow a routine exercise regimen
  9. Indulge in a hobby to keep stress at bay
  10. Do your bit to reduce pollution

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