Health issues and the aftermath of Demonetization!


Apparently demonetization has wreaked havoc in India. The entire country is reeling under its effects. This ban on high valued currency notes was brought forward to fight fake money, black money and terror financing. But the inconvenience experienced by the people is really appalling. The reason is that we were an economy that is mostly run by cash even though we have all the modern day facilities in our country. We have 4G and 3G internet, smart phones, net banking, e-wallets, apps, but we shy away from using it. Here, I am not considering the communities who do not have access to all these but this article is for those who have them and yet do not reap the benefits because of ‘habit’, one might say, or simply because of a mental block.

We all have a civic duty towards nation building. And we should come forward for the cause. Demonetization was planned by our government keeping in mind long term economic goals. But stories on the internet, social media and news broadcast run a chill down our spine.

Excerpt 1: An infant died in Sambalpur, Odisha, after an autorickshaw driver refused to take the family to a hospital. The family didn’t have smaller denomination notes with them for the fare. A sick newborn was refused treatment in Mumbai after the parents couldn’t provide money in new currency bills. The infant died. (Report Odisha)

Excerpt 2: Doctors in Mainpuri in Uttar Pradesh stopped treating one year old Kush, suffering from high fever, after his parents ran out of 100 rupee notes. The parents brought him home, where he soon died, rendering his father’s 500 rupee notes worthless. (Times of India)

Such unfortunate incidents not only throw light on the adverse effects of demonetization but rather more so on how hollow we have become as human beings! It’s like an emergency situation for India but we do not stand united to destroy the negative forces within our system.

At the same time we don’t want you to bear the brunt of the situation. Sometimes consulting a doctor just for a few minutes can save lives. And for that we need not stand in long queues at the ATMs, worry about cash getting over before the day gets over, fixing appointments, waiting at the nurse stations. We suffer a thousand times more than the illness does harm to us. By using Konsult app you can consult real time with a seasoned doctor from anywhere and at anytime.  Considering how people are facing inconvenience due to shortage of cash, we have come up with a promo code “KON300” for our first time users. All you have to do is to download the app which gets installed within seconds, register with us, apply the promo code and then get started. Consultation charges are based per minute depending upon the doctor you choose. Once you run out of your initial amount, recharge is very simple through your debit/credit cards.

When the entire world is going digital then why India should be left far behind? Apps are designed to facilitate our lives. The government is doing a lot to digitize India. National e-Health Authority will oversee the digitization of health information and this could launch a health revolution in India.

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