7 Tips to Maintain Healthy Hair This Rainy Season


Monsoon is here and with this our hopes of having good hair days are down the drain! That is because of the humidity that hair problems become more conspicuous during the rainy season. While we welcome the heavy downpour after being subjected to the wrath of the summer months but few weeks into the monsoon and we loathe the clogged drains, the insane traffic and other creepy organisms that start sprouting everywhere. And what we loathe the most is humidity. Humidity also has an adverse impact on our scalp. Dirty rainwater, acid rain and can lead to major hair woes.

The following tips in the hair care regime will help you get rid of all the problems that the hair is susceptible to during these months.

1 Keep your hair dry: It is absolutely necessary that you keep your hair dry at all times. Ensure that you pat dry your hair with a micro-fiber towel after you’ve washed your hair. Do not comb your wet hair as it is more susceptible to breakage. While some of us love to get out in a drizzle, we should not forget that rain water is usually acidic and carries a lot of pollutants. This is really bad for the hair. Also, too much of heat is not good for the health of the hair, yet it is always a good idea to blow dry your hair if you got drenched in a torrential downpour.

Dry your hair

2. Shampoo: Shampoo your hair at least 2 to 3 times in a week. With the humidity, you may feel your hair is pressing down. You can ditch the post-shampoo conditioner occasionally and instead go a hair pack at home like egg whites or a simple oil massage before shampooing. Make sure not to over wash your hair that you lose the entire moisture content and end up leaving your hair drier than before.


3. Oil massage: Although an oil massage is always a welcome thing for all seasons it is an absolute must do in this season. It will not let your hair get brittle, rough and it will aid in less hair fall.

hair oil massage

4. Avoid tying: Open hair in a damp environment is quite irritable. But if you tie your moist hair than it will cause the roots of your mane to soften and fall off. Also, entrapment of moisture could limp those beautiful strands. The best idea is to tie it loosely in a pony or a messy bun.

Avoid tying

5. Avoid Styling: Styling products anyway cause a lot of harm to our hair cuticle and that results in damaged hair. The hair becomes brittle with the overuse of any styling product. Remember not to use a straightener when the hair is moist.


6. Healthy diet: Again this is true for all seasons. Only external care is not going to help in the long run. The tresses need nourishment so that you have not only enviable lustrous hair but strong too. Food rich in omega 3 fatty acids, protein, vitamins and minerals is absolutely necessary for good hair health.

Healthy food

7. Get a manageable haircut: If you ever wanted to short your hair, now is the time. Short hair not only looks great but it also means that your hair will dry way too quickly. It doesn’t require much styling and its low maintenance too.


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