Happy Pregnancy Means A Happier Baby!


Those smiling, innocent and cute baby pictures going up on the wall might not just be an emotional expression, they might actually be having a scientific base. World over, across cultures, it’s an accepted fact that watching smiling and innocent baby faces is the best thing that a pregnant woman can do. No wonder obstetrician and gynecology clinics are full of such posters on their walls.

On sharing the ‘good news’, one is always advised to stay happy. This only implies that during pregnancy one should not stay unhappy. And why is that forbidden? Well the old and the wise say that staying unhappy is ‘not good for the baby’ in the womb. So in an effort to keep the pregnant women happy they are pampered, their cravings are fulfilled, several rituals and customs are performed all for the ‘happiness’ of the would-be mother. Even putting up those smiling, cute, happy baby faces all over in the pregnant woman’s room is part of the ritual followed during pregnancy.

All this and more being done only for the ‘happiness’ of the pregnant mother, implies that being unhappy is a strict no-no. And what the old and the wise mean by ‘not good for the health of the baby’, might actually mean even a miscarriage. Yes, researches have proved that stress does cause miscarriage. Though gynecologists reiterate daily life stress like the ones caused by being stuck in traffic for long or a bad day at work cannot be a cause for miscarriage, but extreme amount of stress might lead to secretion of certain hormones that can cause miscarriage.
Miscarriage, medically termed as spontaneous abortion, often happens due to unknown causes and doctors explain them to be due to some chromosomal abnormalities in the fetus or ill health of the pregnant woman. It is said to be the body’s natural way of giving up on a pregnancy that might not be healthy in the long term. But several researches are now proving that apart from these factors, the hormones released when one undergoes excessive amount of stress does wreak havoc on the fetus.

However, with advancements in researches in this field scientists are optimistic that probably the ‘unknown’ cause of miscarriages if identified accurately, then they can devise scientific ways to tackle the cause. While staying happy is essential, especially during pregnancy, if the exact way in which stress causes miscarriage is clearly understood and established then someday researchers aim to come up with ways to block the effects of stress on the growing fetus too. Till then, aim at staying happy, very happy, especially during those special nine months.

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