Eight Tricks For The Monsoon Special Glow


When green is the color of the season, it is time to make everyone go green about your skin. Yes, the monsoon is that time of the year when your skin needs special care and attention. While the pitter patter rain drops provide relief to the parched lands, it is the moisture and humidity that this season evokes, which is responsible for wreaking havoc on your skin. The irony lies in the fact that while there is excess moisture in the air, your skin still runs the risk of getting dehydrated and dull. That explains why one often sees clammy and oily skin during this season and in some cases, there is also a risk of fungal and bacterial infections. To keep all this at bay follow this eight-fold regimen for a healthy, skin deep beauty.

  1. Cleanse your skin thrice a day

Cleansing your skin with a non-soapy product at least thrice a day is important to keep the grime off your skin. The oiliness that comes with the moisture in the air often clogs the pores of the skin, making it difficult for the skin to breathe. So to maintain a healthy skin it is essential to cleanse it frequently.

Splashing water on face

  1. Tone your skin

Tone your skin once with a good toner that maintains the pHbalance. Toning once before hitting the bed would be a good practice, ensuring your skin gets ample time to breathe and rejuvenate.

cotton using on face

  1. Use moisture based sunscreen lotion

This is that time of the year, when the skin feels dry and scaly so applying a moisturizer is essential. But do not make the mistake of using just a moisturizer while going outdoors, because remember though the sun’s rays might not be scorching, it’s harmful UV rays are still there. And one needs to protect oneself from those. So using a moisturizer based sunscreen with the appropriate SPF level would be ideal.


  1. Eat a healthy balanced diet

This is essential for all seasons but is especially reiterated during monsoons because this alone helps in skin repair. At a time, when your skin takes a toll because of the weather, it is important to eat right and compensate for the loss.

diet food

  1. Drink at least eight glasses of water everyday

It is an ironical fact that at a time when there is water all around, your skin runs the risk of dehydration. But this is a fact and it happens due to excessive sweating caused due to the humidity around. So hydrating yourself and your skin is essential in times like these, so do not compromise on drinking an adequate amount of water this season.

glasses of water

  1. Avoid closed shoes

Closed shoes could lead to sweaty and smelly feet, which in turn could be the breeding ground for infections like the fungal and bacterial. So use open shoes like sandals and other floaters to keep your feet comfortable this season.


  1. Stow away your artificial jewelry

Moisture in the ambience is the ideal breeding ground for microbes, fungi, and bacteria. So if you have a sensitive skin then you run a risk of an outbreak, because reactions happen very swiftly in a moisture laden environment.

Colorful jewelry

  1. Kitchen hacks to hydrate your skin

Honey and oatmeal mixed with a dash of water can work as a superb exfoliator cum skin hydrating pack to add a special glow to your skin.

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