Olympics Or No- Busting The Fitness Myths

The medals, they count! But those Olympics medals land in the hands of only a handful, the ones who follow their fitness regimen with perseverance. While not everyone is a sportsman, but getting into the fitness sport is not a fad, it’s here to stay and stay for good. Getting the diet and exercise right and doing it the right way at the right time is key to a fit body. Some myths often shroud the route to fitness, find them busted here so your goal of a fitter body is attained the quickest way.
1. Exercising is key to being slim and trim
Fact: No way. It’s diet all the way. 80 per cent of what you look like, depends on what you eat and the rest 20 percent is the exercising that matters.
2. Trash the yolk, eat the egg white
Fact: Eat the whole egg, the yolk is not harmful unless fried in better. Rather an egg white only breakfast, which is totally fat free can lead to hunger pangs throughout the day ultimately leading to eating more.
3. Eat lots of fruits
Fact: Timing of eating fruits and choosing the right fruits is important. Best thing to have it is first thing in the morning or a mid-morning snack to gain maximum benefit. Do not combine with other meals, and do not blend them into juices. Eat them whole for best results.
4. Long hours of sweating it out
Fact: Short and frequent bouts of exercising is enough to keep your body active and healthy. Until and unless you have specific targets, studies say a total of 30 minutes of exercise spaced throughout the day is enough for a fit body.
5. Being active throughout the day
Fact: An average of 7.5- 8 hours of sleep is essential for a fit body. If your body is sleep deprived, there is no way you can achieve your goals of fitness.

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