All For That Picture-Perfect Smile


The party season is on and you surely don’t want to compromise on that electrifying smile. Maintaining that oh-so perfect smile with those shiny teeth is getting troublesome by the day, and especially during this party season when binging on food is common place, one has to be extra cautious. Now, it’s not just cavities, but toothlessness has also become a major problem in not just the elderly, but amongst the youth as well.

Dentures are no longer a term to be associated only with septuagenarians or octogenarians. Dentists are now seeing an increasing number of youngsters, those in their twenties and thirties who have to take the help of dentures as they are getting toothless.Experts in the field are of the opinion that the young urban population is addicted to junk food and their lifestyle does not let them wash their mouth every time they eat. This as a result leads to accumulation of plaque on the teeth and since brushing of teeth does not happen at night, the plaque gets worse and leads to melting of the jawbones in that area.

Indulging in bad food habits especially right from childhood is leading to increasing teeth problems and finally toothlessness amongst today’s youngsters. Cakes, pastries and other food products that are high in sugar and carbohydrates, which today’s youngsters like to munch on is leading to serious problems. This not only weakens their teeth, as there is no proper oral care, but also causes diabetes that is responsible for weakening of jawbones. In fact diabetics should take extra care of their teeth, because they are more vulnerable.

Even when children take to bottle-feeding for long hours, especially overnight then it affects their teeth and these children are more exposed to developing teeth problems in their youth. Moreover, there is also a lack of awareness about dental care. Like many people do not know that when they fall and if the teeth comes out, that same teeth can be implanted back and they need not take false teeth, provided the teeth is kept submerged in milk till they take the patient to the dentist.

Earlier total toothlessness was seen only in the older generation and amongst very few youngsters, but now there are so many people who have to take the help of dentures because of early falling of teeth. It is very embarrassing for the youngsters, when they suffer from toothlessness. It also has a psychological impact on their mind and disturbs their mental balance.

Steps to be taken to prevent toothlessness:

  • Brushing teeth twice daily
  • Reducing the habit of munching on junk food
  • Avoid developing diabetes as that leads to weakness of the teeth bones
  • Use oral mouthwashes frequently, as this helps in overall cleaning of the mouth
  • Flossing once in while is good for healthy teeth

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