Pollution Alert!!

Everybody loves sweater season. It is a welcome relief from the harsh summers and the humid monsoons. But with the winters comes another, more unwelcome guest—Smog.

Smog is the direct result of air pollution. When fuels are burnt, the gasses released to react with sunlight and other particles in the air to form smog. Smog is nothing short of deadly. Besides reducing road visibility which leads to many accidents, it also causes various respiratory diseases. Everyone, children, and adults alike are susceptible to the harmful effects of smog. It is especially dangerous for people suffering from asthma, people who are diabetic or have respiratory diseases.

This year, India and Pakistan saw the worst levels of air pollution ever measured. In Delhi, the road visibility was so bad due to the smog that accidents were happening dime a dozen. Also, the high level of air pollution put everyone on red alert and even schools were called off for the week. Many diplomats and CXO’s and other people in the position of power are avoiding Delhi like the plague because of how harmful the air is!


It’s been said that breathing in the polluted air was equivalent to smoking 55 cigarettes!! What a nightmare!

But of course, we can’t stop breathing, we need to live! So how exactly can you protect yourself from the effects of air pollution? Well, keep reading because we are here to help.

Invest in an air purifier

Air purifiers are seen like such a frill that no one wants to invest in it. I’m pretty sure anyone who owns an air purifier is often seen as paranoid or a germophobe by their friends. Well, the truth is they might be doing this right!

With the growing levels of air pollution, air purifiers might just become a necessity. It removes the harmful particles in the air and improves the quality of the air you breathe in. Now that sure is a luxury!

Pollution 2

Reduce “out” time

“Go play outside” might just be the motto you live by, but now it’s time to modify that. People are encouraged not to exercise outside or stay out for longer periods of time at a stretch. The more you stay outside, the more polluted air you breathe, and the more at risk you are.

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Close the doors

Everyone loves relishing the winter sun! It seems like such a blessing during those cold months. But it might just be better to keep the doors and windows locked…at least until the smog subsides.

Open doors and windows are like invitations to the toxic air to enter your house and as a result, increase the level of pollution even inside your safe space!

Wear a mask

I understand that most of us are adults and cannot stay holed up inside all the times. So, it is better to wear a mask whenever you go outside. The harmful effects are reduced because you don’t directly breathe in the polluted air.

Still, it is advisable to reduce time outside as much as possible.

Pollution 3

Go Planting

Planting some trees near your house or buying some plants for your house or workspace is also bound to reduce air pollution. Plants act as air purifiers (though much cheaper and longer lasting) and improve the quality of the air you breathe. And you have the added bonus of beautifying your place.

Pollution 4

All the above measures are helpful, though short term. The only solution to air pollution is to take steps to reduce it. Carpooling, not burring things in open spaces, conserving energy are some of the easy things you can do. Even one small step goes a long way.

Here’s to hoping for a future free of air pollution!

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