The Precious Mane, Is It?

Premature Baldness

Flaunt the bald look! Maybe that is fashionable in men, and some men in fact willingly go bald because grapevine has it that the bald look increases the style quotient. But behind all the showbiz is a fact, a very hard hitting fact, which could be one of the contributing factors driving the ‘bald in style’ trend.

Men are balding earlier than the previous generation. Like premature greying of hair, even premature balding is attributed to lifestyle factors. Though the main cause of it is genetic, the whole process of balding is accelerated given the lifestyle and the milieu in which the present generation is thriving. Earlier, it was common to see men in their 40s with a thick crop of hair, but nowadays that is a rarity.

Medically known as alopecia, rapid hair loss leading to baldness in young men, men even in their 20s is a reality now. Trichologists are of the opinion that stress, pollution, erratic sleep hours, poor nutrition and insufficient water intake all contribute to rapid hair loss and that in turn leads to premature balding. All these factors are almost an inevitable part of urban living.

High-stress jobs in the urban metropolis are the order of the day today. So as part of the package comes pollution because in urban areas, no matter how hard corporates try to go green and bring an ecological balance, the increased number of cars, machines, emissions and reduced trees and green cover, kicks up the pollution level in urban areas. Higher stress jobs almost always mean long work hours and in the era of globalization it also means working in different time zones, so obviously sleep pattern takes a hit and one gets into the practice of erratic sleep pattern. This also accelerates hair loss and diminishes hair growth because a peaceful, sound and timely sleep is essential for regeneration and rebuilding, and hair growth is also part of that. Water intake is also a cardinal factor in ensuring hair growth and strength of the hair because water contains essential minerals and hair strands are made of minerals, which only water can replenish. Coupled with this, a balanced diet, rich in proteins is essential for hair growth. The simple reason for this being, hair growth is dependent on the protein called keratin. So if one’s diet is not protein rich, then the body tends to use the available protein for the essential body parts, and its functions, like rebuilding cells, and in the process hair growth gets deprived.

That explains why premature balding is more commonly seen in urban areas than in the rural parts of the country. Some lifestyle modifications and dietary changes might go a long way in ensuring the health of the hair.

In fact, smoking and drinking also add to the obstacles in hair growth. Nicotine narrows the blood vessels, as a result blood carrying all the essential nutrients are unable to reach the hair in the required quantity, thus hampering hair growth. While excessive consumption of alcohol leads to dehydration, and since hair growth has a direct relationship with intake of water, so reduced water in the body definitely leaves its impact on hair growth.

Known as Androgenetic Alopecia, male pattern baldness is usually a genetic problem which is accelerated by lifestyle and diet. But in some cases, hair fall could be due to some hormonal problems or disorders like hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism. It could also be due to malnutrition or iron deficiency. In any case, if a sudden loss of hair is noticed without any known trigger then it is always better to visit a doctor to rule out any other latent health issue.

Thinning hair leading to premature balding does affect confidence and self-esteem. Fortunately, being bald is now being accepted as a fashionable style, in fact, some people actually go bald, despite having a healthy crop of hair and not suffering from any hair loss or balding issues, just to sport this stylish look. Bald in trend is a saving grace for many men who are actually suffering from premature balding.

But for those, who are still not comfortable with thinning hair and premature balding, there are other options like wigs, hair weaving, hair transplants, and medications. Trichologists are the best people to offer a solution depending on the case. While wigs are temporary and affordable, it does not really serve the purpose as it is an impediment during many outdoor group activities, swimming and the like. But in hair weaving, there are different techniques in which additional human or synthetic hair is integrated into the existing hair to add to the overall fullness of hair. While hair transplants which are expensive, is also an option and this is a surgical technique in which hair follicles from a part with healthy hair growth is transplanted to the balding part. As a result, the balding part also starts growing a fresh mop of healthy hair.

So, balding or a thick mop, flaunt whatever you want as options are now available to regrow the hair back. However, if one really loves those locks then it is always better to ensure its proper maintenance.

Some hair- raising facts!

  • Normal to lose 50 to 100 strands of hair a day
  • But problem lies when regrowth does not happen
  • Normal hair growth is said to be at the rate of half an inch per month

Hair care

  • Shampooing and conditioning hair at least twice a week
  • Eating a protein and minerals rich diet
  • Consumption of spinach and walnuts is said to be healthy for hair
  • Sufficient water intake
  • Keeping a tab on smoking and drinking
  • Timely sleep hours ensuring minimum seven hours of sleep
  • Leading a stress-free healthy life

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