Shed Weight, Fear Not The Scalpel


Slim and trim figure and a fit and fine body is the ideal combination that everybody craves for. But at times, achieving it through the conventional route of diet and exercises becomes a tedious process and that is when people do not mind going under the knife to shed their flab.

The urban areas are now seeing a boom in weight loss surgeries for shedding flab. Procedures like liposuction, bariatric surgery and tummy tucks are routinely being done here and doctors say that the patients comprise a wide age group. The inclination to stay fit has increased amongst people and that explains the rise in the number of people willing to opt for surgeries to shed flab.  People from 18 to 55 years are seen interested in opting for surgeries to shed weight. Even obesity as a problem is on the rise with more number of people getting affected with it, so the acceptance for weight loss surgeries is also gaining momentum now.

Obesity is a global problem now, which is increasingly affecting people in India, thus explaining the rising demand for weight loss surgeries. In world approximately 2.1 billion people are obese. In India approximately 10 per cent of the population is obese and 30 per cent are overweight. Obesity is on a rise, across the country and especially in urban areas the problem is compounded due to widespread acceptance of a sedentary lifestyle and the fast food culture. There are various causes like over eating, lack of exercise or physical activity, sedentary lifestyle and genetic factors which account for the increasing problem of obesity. Doctors say that now there is a recent change in the thinking and attitude of the people in India towards obesity, as they want to control their weight and look smart, thin and young.

With the change in mentality has come in a range of options in surgery for people with different weight and body mass index. While bariatric surgeries are meant for those who are morbidly obese, liposuctions and abdominoplasty or ‘tummy tucks’ as they are commonly known are for those who are overweight and want to get a proper contour to their body.

  • The risk of coronary heart disease is also increased
  • Elevation of blood pressure
  • Risk of Gallbladder disease increases
  • There is an enhanced cancer risk especially for colorectal cancer in males
  • Metabolic diseases and infertility problems
  • Respiratory problems resulting in sleep apnea, hypoventilation, arrhythmias and eventual cardiac failure

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