How To Manage The Stress Bug?

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Stress is a very beaten word that’s because we stress way too much in our lives. Many of us don’t understand what stress is! Stress can be good sometimes. Stress is our way of reacting to pressure situations. But stress becomes harmful when we feel bogged down by it, when we don’t know how to cope up with it. Most often we are overwhelmed by surging emotions and act out of control.

Stress is an everyday phenomenon in our lives and it can be triggered by anything, like the rush hour traffic, an unpleasant encounter with a customer, failing a deadline or a squabble at home. Stress has serious adverse effects on our health and often it is irreversible. Stress has been linked to illnesses that include cancer, lung disease and cirrhosis of liver. Therefore it is of much importance that we try and lead a stress free life. A study conducted a few years ago suggests that Indian women are the most stressed on earth and that’s because a lot is expected from them. They have to manage home and office. No matter how modern we’ve become, we still reel under an opinion that women need to focus on their homes as much as on their work lives. Things are changing but the change is very slow. Family expectations and social mores remain rooted in tradition. Even women themselves are to blame. Women shoulder many responsibilities and multiple roles to keep up to the challenge to prove themselves. They want to overcompensate at work to counter ingrained preconceptions about their commitment or competence.

Common reactions to being overstressed include: anger, irritability, loss of appetite, lack of concentration, difficulty in making decisions and sometimes even the worse can take place like giving in to alcohol and drug abuse.

There are many ways to handle stress:

  • Seek a social life: This is best you can do when you are stressed too much. A date, a movie, a party, or playing games can relieve you of the stress momentarily.
  • Try the app method: Nowadays different stress management apps are available. They are doing the same thing for you as a diary would have done; only they are better. They are designed to track so many things and advice as well on how you can tackle it.
  • Stay away from addiction: Alcohol may seem to be a fix. But it is actually harmful as it creates a false dependency.

Medical counselling: It is always a good idea to seek psychological counselling. You should not wait till the end where things have got out of control. And even if it has, it is your counsellor who can help you out of the quagmire.

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