7 Ways To Avoid Medical Bills This Summer

With the mercury levels soaring, it doesn’t take long for the medical bills to catch up in tow. Early summer has already made its presence felt and the heat waves are bound to take a toll on your health, pushing you to frequent hospital visits and the resultant piling up of hospital bills is but obvious. So, here’s a way to beat the red hot and stay cool blue this summer, while shielding yourself from summer ailments like heat exhaustion, sun stroke, gastro enteritis, sun burns and the like.

1. Water, water everywhere

Sync up your body to the need of the hour. When the temperatures are soaring outside, the thumb rule to keep cool is to increase or rather double your usual intake of water. Hydrating yourself adequately is the key to flushing out all infections from your system and is a sure shot way to beat the heat exhaustion. If you are well hydrated, chances are less that you will get exhausted very soon. As and when possible drink lemon juice and glucose water too.

Glasses of water

2. Say no to eating out, especially food carts

Though these should be avoided all year round, but definitely should be a strict no-no during summers. Rising temperatures go hand in hand with water scarcity, which in turn means compromise on washing properly in the kitchen. And that can have a cascading effect on your system, when you eat food that is not washed properly before cooking or cooked by hands that have been not thoroughly cleaned. Gastro-enteritis, amoebic dysentery and diarrhea are common during this time of the year.


3. Make the umbrella your fashion accessory

It’s essential to not let the sun’s piercing rays wreak havoc with your system. Since shutting yourself indoors for the whole of summers is not an option, so the only way to shield yourself while you are out in the open is to provide a shade for yourself. And the humble umbrella is your only solution here.

4. Apply sunscreen generously

While umbrellas provide the much needed shade and make sure the scorching heat does not sap out your energy, you definitely need the sunscreens to protect yourself from sunburns and rashes. These are common skin problems during summer and dermatologists say that applying sunscreen generously especially during summer season is a necessary precaution.

applying lotion

5. Skip the juice, eat the whole fruit

Do not mess with your fruit. Avoid cutting it or blending it into a juice, rather try your best to eat whole fruits to keep infections at bay. During this season, house flies which are major germ carriers are very active, so to avoid them messing with your food it’s best to wash your fruits well and directly eat them.

whole fruits

6. The conventional balanced Indian diet

It’s that time of the year when the green vegetables are a must in your diet. They provide the much needed antioxidant, which comprise the very essential defense system of your body.

indian thali
7. Keep yourself clean

All of the above fall flat, if you don’t maintain personal hygiene. At a time when summer infections are at its peak, ensuring that nothing goes inside your mouth without your hands being washed is the first step to guard yourself against infections.

hand washing

The seven step path might actually help you save on your medical bills, which you can rather use for a visit to a hill station destination this summer.

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