(Un)Healthy Culprits…

You’re a healthy person. You work out every day, get enough sleep, stay hydrated, etc but those pesky kgs won’t come off! You push yourself harder, only eat healthy food but still the changes you want, they still don’t show.

Sound familiar? Well, you are not alone. It is the state of almost 70% people who are just getting into fitness or treading the “healthy life” sea. Is the culprit stealing all your achievements? It is the so-called “healthy” food.

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It is a fact that excess of anything is bad—especially when it comes to your health and well being. We have a habit of differentiating foods as “healthy” and “non-healthy” and then doubling up on the healthy stuff. I mean, since it’s good for you, more of it means more nutrition, right? You couldn’t be more wrong!! Even healthy stuff has sugars and calories and when you surpass the recommended portion size, you are negating all the hard work you have put in. What’s more is good food is actually quite unhealthy!

So, to save all the efforts you have put in and helped you achieve your health goals, we have compiled a list of food you think are healthy but are actually not (cheated on by food, sigh!)



Most energy bars claim to be the answer to all your health needs but their nutrition profile might actually surprise you. Most energy bars have the same amount of sugar and carbs as an actual candy bar!  Of course, not all of them are bad but it does make you want to look more closely at the nutrition labels from next time.



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Diet sodas are an essential part of a healthy person’s lifestyle, especially if you love sodas.  But did you know that the artificial sweeteners present in the sodas cause a spike in the insulin levels which increases the fat stored? It is also more likely to leave you feeling hungry than actual sodas. Not to mention the risk to your gums and heart health. It is better for you to steer clear of sodas or try to limit the intake as much as possible



But yogurt can’t possibly be unhealthy!!! It’s not. In fact, it is one of the healthiest foods out there…if you are talking about plain, old-fashioned Greek yogurt. Flavoured yogurts have tons of sugars and artificial flavours added which increase the overall calories. It is a simple case of the bad outweighing the good. You are better off sticking to flavouring your yogurt with fresh fruit.



Granola has oats, seeds, whole grains, etc which makes a go-to snack for any health conscious person. Not to mention the versatility of how it can be incorporated into your daily intake. But if you are buying it buying it pre-packaged from the market, chances are your granola also has heaps of sugar and oil added to it. And while that may be very pleasing for your taste buds, it doesn’t do much for your health.

But don’t worry. You can easily look up how to make granola online and modify the recipe according to your needs and have that actual “healthy” granola.



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JUICE!!? No, I am not trying to ruin to juices for you but it is better to stick to juice when you can’t get your daily intake of fruit and vegetables from any other source. Not only are they less filling than actual fruits, they also lack in fibre and other important nutrients. Not to mention the heaps of sugar added to the packaged ones! So, put down that juice and go eat a piece of fruit.



Just like fruit juices, dried fruit also has tons of sugar added to it to make it more appetizing. The dehydration process also strips them of many nutrients. And they are so easy to overeat!! You can easily surpass the suggested portion size and still be hungry. All in all, stick to having real fruits.



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Smoothies are the entire craze the past couple of years. You hear stories of celebs going on a smoothie cleanse and losing so much weight. Or that friend who is constantly telling you about how green smoothies changed her life.

They’re not wrong. Smoothies are the easiest way to get in your recommended portion of fruits and vegetables without a fuss. The problem? They can easily surpass 700 calories if you mindlessly dump everything in there. 700 calories in one meal!!! So before you make your next smoothie, try to know the nutritional value of everything you put in there or look up some trusted recipes to help you get started.


So there you have it! Everything you need to know to be healthier. Of course, I’m not telling you to give up everything. After all, it is all about balance. But it is important to be mindful and aware of everything you put in your body.

After all, you are what you eat!

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