Why To Be A Vegan?

Do you want to spend more time with your parents, better half, children and friends? Do you want to sit and relax reading novels or visiting hospital on regular basis when old? In short, do you want to live longer? Here is a small suggestion for you, stop consuming meat as soon as possible.

Do you know that science is also on the side of vegetarianism? Various researches have concluded that vegetarian foods are powerful for health. Doctors too state that a person who adopts a vegetarian diet will have a lower body weight, better cholesterol levels, improvement in digestive system, lower risk of developing several diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, cancer, bone problems, gallstones, kidney stones, osteoporosis, asthma, pregnancy problems, etc. and of course live longer.

Being a vegan isn’t a mistake. You won’t regret it once you will see effective results like increment of energy and endurance in your body. The recent studies have also stated that the people who avoid red meat have a proper flow of blood flow, leading to high sperm quality which results in a better sex life.

The vegan diet makes you healthy and happy. A study conducted in 2012 splits participants into three diets – all meat allowed, fish only, no meat allowed. The people who adopted for vegetarian diet seems to have more mood improvements than those two other diets.

Talking about society and environment, don’t you think being a vegan is the best way to contribute? Animals are already being used for clothing, experimentation, entertainment and many other reasons. If we will stop consuming them, surprisingly, we will save more than 100 animals a year. Just keep in mind, animals are not meant for our use.

Eating meat is actually one of the worst thing that you can do to Earth. It’s wasteful and causes enormous amount of pollution. It’s our moral duty to save our planet by adopting vegetarianism.


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