Why you might not be as hygienic as you think!!!

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Are you hygienic?

I’m pretty sure more than 95% of you said “Yes” and to be honest most of us truly believe we are. You carry a hand sanitizer in your bag at all times, wash your hands before you eat, wear a mask in a pollution ridden zone and everything else to minimise your contact with germs.

Now let me ask you another question.

Do you carry your phone with you to the bathroom?

I’m pretty sure you want to answer “No” but let’s face it—we’re all guilty of it, at least most of us are.

Bathroom time has become the most popular time for answering those Whatsapp texts, checking Instagram and what not. In fact, let’s be honest, most of the “bathroom breaks” taken during office hours are a way to check up on your social media. I mean, you can’t possibly check your Snapchats surrounded by people who think you are working tirelessly on the job, right?

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But did you know carrying your phone to the bathroom might be the most unhygienic thing you do? That’s right! Most of the germs on your hand got on there from your phone. AND most of the germs on your phone got on there from your bathroom break time. Horrifying right?

FACT: Mobile Phones have more germs than a toilet seat cover!

We all know bathrooms are breeding grounds for germs. Of course, the extent depends on how often it is sanitized, the people using it but the fact remains, it is one of the dirtiest places. Bathrooms have pathogens, intestinal bacteria and faecal matter everywhere. Did you know that every time you flush a toilet, the aerosolised water gets sprayed six feet in every direction?? That means, your toilet paper holder, the door handles, and the mirror and now your phone is all covered in faeces!

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Now you might wash your hands after using the bathroom but the germs are still there on your phone. And since we carry our phones all the time with us…we are ingesting them the next time we eat a sandwich or candy. Also, if you use your phones while eating, the grease or food residue on the phone makes it an even more irresistible place for germs. Isn’t that great to hear!

Well stop looking at your phones in disgust, the poor thing is not the one to blame. I suggest you start using the bathroom for it’s intended purpose. Not only will you avoid contact with germs, you might even save time, seeing how phone extend our bathroom breaks by at least 10 minutes every time.

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But if you are a person who just can’t get it done without your phone, it is best to invest in sanitary wipes and use them to wipe your phone every time you take a…ahem…break

Also, there is less chance of this happening

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The nightmare of every phone owner and now you can easily avoid it.

Another much-understated reason you should not take your phone to the bathroom is that: You deserve a break. We are constantly on our phones form the moment we wake up till we go to sleep. Our brains work overtime and that leads to us getting stressed.

Taking a break from our phones once a while may actually be good for us. Trust me; it’s like a little treat for your brain.

So let’s not let that sanitizer go to waste. Next time you go the bathroom, forget the phone. You’ll be doing yourself a favour.

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