Workout, don’t burnout!!!

Get fit and start going to the gym—one of the most popular new year resolutions!

We’re in the second month of the year, so I want you to be honest with me—have you been able to keep up your “getting healthy” resolution? Chances are, most of us haven’t and not for lack of trying.

Let me paint (or write) the scenario to you. We go the gym all excited to start our healthy lifestyle, maybe you’ve even started a diet! We work out for one hour, try to lift heavy and push ourselves to the maximum. We feel so accomplished, right? That is before the pains kick in the next day and we get drowned in other responsibilities and work. Then working out starts to seem like such a daunting task to get done. List of excuses pile up, “I don’t have time today”, “One day won’t matter” and the next thing you know it’s been months since you’ve been to the gym and your resolution has gone for a toss.

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Sound familiar?

The main problem here is that we try to do too much at once –diet, weights, long workouts so much so that it starts to feel like a task rather than something you want to incorporate as a part of your life.

So how do you prevent burnout and look forward to it?

  1. Start Slow

I cannot stress how important this is, especially if you are a beginner or starting after a long break. Start by making changes to your diet first, consult a nutritionist or read articles online if you need a starting point. Then, once that part is sorted, begin by taking small steps, literally. Introduce walks and every alternate day aim to get in a 20-30 minute session.

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  1. Don’t be frazzled by the pain

Your muscles will hurt. That is a fact and there is no use running away from it. But as long as it is the good kind of pain, it just means your muscles are working!! Trust me, soon enough your body will become accustomed to it and you’ll be looking forward to it.

  1. Know when to stop

Don’t try to go all in and life 20 kgs in one go! Build towards it. Listen to your body and workout accordingly. There is no point trying to get a high-intensity workout when your body is already terribly sore from the previous day. Not only will your performance be affected but you might end up hurting yourself!

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  1. Make it fun

Who says you have to go to the gym to get a good workout in? Grab a friend and go to the trampoline park or plan a hike during the weekend. Join the swimming club in your area or join a dance class. All these are excellent ways of sneaking some exercise in without actually feeling like you are working out! Your workout can be anything you want it to be, so make it something you love!

  1. Experiment

There are a hundred different workout styles and you can choose from anything! Try a lot of different classes before finding a workout style you like and sticking to it. Looking for something low impact, go to Pilates. Hate lifting weights? Go for bodyweight exercises. The variety here is endless.

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  1. Take a break

One of the most common mistakes people make is not taking a rest day. They associate rest days with giving up or signs of a “weak” body or willpower. Here is the deal, your body NEEDS those rest days! Especially if you are pushing it through the week, it needs to recover so you are ready to maximise your efforts of the next week. So take the day off, stretch and reward yourself with a slice (just a slice) of cake!

When you are new to working out, you might feel lost and confused about where to start. Always read up about diet changes to make or workouts to make. You could even get a personal trainer at a gym! And if the thought of gym is too daunting, YouTube has a variety of videos by excellent trainers.

The point is not to give up, even if it seems too hard a point in time. Because you will get through the pain and trust me, in the future you’ll be looking forward to it.

Get moving!

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