You Are What You Eat!


Junk food: if you like junk food then it proves that you like all things beautiful in life. You don’t mind splurging extra on the luxury. You are carefree and open hearted. This carefree nature of yours leads you to trouble many a times. You easily give in to indulgences and you clearly don’t know how to say ‘no’ to anybody. Your open nature makes you a very social person and you have a lot of friends. You like to party hard and you are the cynosure of any family event.

Diet food: those who like diet food are serious kind of people. They have hard earned success in life and value it a lot. They believe that ‘there are no free lunches’ in life. Everything comes for a price. They are very choosy about making friends and are rather more artistic. They like a book over a warm cup of coffee, an abstract painting or simply pondering over ‘world poverty’ on a cold winter evening. They are ‘no nonsense’ people and are much disciplined. These are the kind of people who work with tight deadlines and never miss them.

Home cooked food: they are warm and they find joy in the little things of life. They are the most satisfied people on earth and don’t whine or complain about things. Their entire world revolves around their homes. They love spending time with their pets and respect the kinder emotions. They are full of life, jovial and very positive. They are caring and like working from the scratch. They are usually very emotional.

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