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When numbers speak, it is loud and clear. As many as 70 out of every 100 urban Indians are at risk of heart diseases, claims recent studies. Doctors corroborate these numbers as they reiterate that sedentary lifestyle, long and stressful work hours, and erratic and unhealthy eating patterns amongst majority of urban working population has led to increased incidence of heart diseases in them. A decade or two back, cardio vascular diseases in the age group of 30’s and 20’s were unheard of. But now, it’s no longer an unlikely phenomenon.

Doctors are of the opinion that the tendency starts really young. “Bad diet, bad habits and lots of stress right from childhood are the important factors for appearance of these diseases at an early age.Providing children with a stress free environment and encouraging them in what they want to be rather than stressing upon competitive attitude, sports and exercises both at school and at home is important. Inculcating right eating habits with homemade healthy food comprising lots of fruits and vegetables and discouraging smoking and drinking habits can definitely make a change.

Sedentary lifestyle, stress and unhealthy eating habits are a lethal combination which more often than not come hand in hand. Along with the benefits, globalization and urbanization have brought a bane which promotes sitting long hours in front of the computer as the work profile for many professionals, leading to a sedentary lifestyle, working in a highly stressful atmosphere. The obvious result is a generation of young working professionals with high disposable income at hand, willing to splurge in eating out, which mostly leads to unhealthy eating patterns. These are the root causative factors for cardiac ailments.

So it’s essential to take care of that heart in every possible way. Since prevention is always better than cure, here are the preventive guidelines:


  1. Wholesome balanced diet
  2. Kick the butt, quit smoking
  3. Indulge in at least one sport involving physical activity
  4. Make annual health check-ups mandatory, in fact opt for quarterly or six-monthly if you have a family history of heart diseases
  5. Skip the lift, take the stairs wherever and whenever possible


  1. Do not compromise on 8-hours sleep
  2. Do not bring baggage of work back home, that leads to stress which is a big trigger for heart ailments
  3. Avoid excessive sugar and salt in your diet
  4. Say no to sedentary lifestyle. Cut the long hours in front of the computer by taking short walk breaks in between
  5. Keep the ‘junk’ food at bay


Dr Sumit Narang, Chief Cardiovascular Surgeon,

Sarvodaya Hospital, Faridabad.

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