June 27, 2017

Liver Cancer Affecting Him More?

Every bite of junk food, each sip of alcohol, every minute spent idly lying on the couch has a different effect on different bodies. Each individual has a different composition and threshold for different things and that determines their resilience to diseases and disorders. With...Read more
May 16, 2017

Harmful Effects of Drinking Alcohol

Dr. Ankur Jindal MD – Gastroenterologist Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences, New Delhi – 11 years experience The liver is the largest and most complex organ in our body. The liver performs over 500 different functions such as fighting off infection, manufacturing proteins and...Read more
July 20, 2016

Alcohol Abuse or Alcoholism

Have you ever heard the term alcohol abuse? What does it exactly mean? It is the dependence of alcohol or being unable to control alcohol consumption, often termed as alcoholism. American Psychiatric Association defines alcohol abuse as drinking that leads to “clinically significant impairment or...Read more