June 28, 2017

Men More Prone To Committing Suicide

In some way, the cliché ‘Don’t cry like a girl’ has literally ruined lives of men. Suicides seem to kill more men than women, and psychiatrists believe that somewhere it is the societal attitude that is to be blamed for this. Ideally in a utopian...Read more
March 17, 2017

That ‘Claustrophobic’ Feeling!

Breaking free from confinements is what everyone wants. But think about them for whom even standing in queue at the grocery store seems like a confinement. Yes, that’s the fear of all claustrophobics. Fear of suffocation in a confined area is exactly what claustrophobics fear...Read more
February 28, 2017

When It’s Really Not In Your Hands

Don’t let the left hand know what the right hand does, goes the saying. But ever wondered what happens if the command is taken literally? Yes, some people actually have to live with it and they are the ones who are afflicted by a rare...Read more
February 23, 2017

Check, Re-Check And Check Again Might Not Be A Good Idea

That urge to check on your door even after locking it, double check on the gas burner or washing your hands for fear of germs might be plain good habits, but be on the lookout, for these obsessions might become compulsions. And when obsessive compulsions...Read more