March 30, 2017

Sleep Your Way To Those Luscious Locks!

‘Calling it a night’, but not really sleeping. Lights are off in the bedroom, but glaring into the mobile for hours. Twisting and turning on the bed, waiting for the sleep fairy to be benevolent are common affairs in many lives nowadays. The rough and...Read more
March 28, 2017

That Thought Could Lead To A Disease!

Was his tone rude in the email? Did she sound preachy? Why does he not give me my due importance? Yes, these might be questions that can actually lead to stress in your life. Though stress is a very broad term, it is said to...Read more
March 17, 2017

That ‘Claustrophobic’ Feeling!

Breaking free from confinements is what everyone wants. But think about them for whom even standing in queue at the grocery store seems like a confinement. Yes, that’s the fear of all claustrophobics. Fear of suffocation in a confined area is exactly what claustrophobics fear...Read more
March 14, 2017

Don’t Let The Leak Impair Your Life

She peed in her pants! Literally! Yes, female stress urinary incontinence (SUI) is a reality and it does affect many women, but only few speak out about the problem. Though Urinary Incontinence is a problem usually associated with old age, but SUI especially is seen...Read more